The Sweet Joys of Honey

Ahh, honey!  I never tire of the honey our bees make.  I enjoy it everyday and have replaced most other sugars in my diet with it.  I love it in my coffee, on toast, in lemonade, teriyaki sauce (Jim makes a mean teriyaki!), on pancakes, baked in banana bread, in yogurt, and even just eat it plain sometimes. The dark macadamia honey is my favorite, it has a real deep flavor to it.  It has been said that the darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains. 

Besides just the great taste of honey, it can be used for medicinal purposes too.  If you have a sore throat, take a spoonful of honey and coat your mouth with it and let it drain slowly down your throat to give it a good coat.  Repeat several times an hour.  I had a bad sore throat that was moving around a lot, one day it was on one side, the next day the other.  I thought it was gone and I hadn't been using honey for it initially.  The next day it came back with a vengeance and I was so mad.  I hate to be sick.  I have a million things to do!  So, I decided to just sit and watch a few episodes of "Breaking Bad" while swigging honey a few times an hour.  It worked!  My sore throat was gone, and never returned.  The next time I even think one is coming on I am going to grab my honey!  I always keep a little 2 oz. bear in my purse at all times now, just in case. It's good for coughs too.

You can put it on pimples too, they go away really fast just by putting a little dab of honey on them.  Some people like to give themselves facials with honey.  There are recipes you can find if you Google it.  I just use it plain.  Seems to be working great so far.  I will let you know if anyone thinks I am getting any younger looking. :)

Raw honey has the most live enzyme content of any food. It also contains all the B complex vitamins, as well as vitamin C.  It also has minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.  Be sure to use raw honey, it hasn't been heated, which destroys the active beneficial enzymes. 

Our raw, unfiltered honey is only strained to 600 microns, which ensures the beneficial pollen and propolis are still in the honey.  We never heat or process our honey, it's pretty much straight from the hive! 

I hope you enjoy my journal, there are so many interesting things going on at the farm.  Let me know if there are any subjects you want me to address.  I would welcome your suggestions!

Aloha,  Linda

Pure 100% raw Hawaiian Puna Bear Honey.  The hibiscus wanted in the photo shoot this week! 

Pure 100% raw Hawaiian Puna Bear Honey.  The hibiscus wanted in the photo shoot this week!